Vitali klitschko vs tyson fury

vitali klitschko vs tyson fury

Nov. Wladimir Klitschko vor dem WM-Kampf gegen Tyson Fury in Düsseldorf. Bruder Vitali ist sicher: Wladimir macht den Briten-Riesen fertig. Juli Oktober seine Titel gegen den Briten Tyson Fury. Film: Wladimir Klitschko ist zusammen mit seinem Bruder Vitali Protagonist eines. 8. Juni Für Wladimir Klitschko war die Niederlage gegen Tyson Fury eine Demütigung. Und dann gab es auch noch eine Standpauke von Bruder.

I wasn't too happy with the performance. I was working on the double-jab off the southpaw and I wasn't getting it off as well as I could have done.

I think he'll take the rematch. It's alright when the blood's going and the adrenaline's pumping, but when he gets home he knows that was a one-sided fight last night.

There were rounds where I was playing games in there. I think even he had 10 years training it would be the same result. I think the next fight would be much, much easier fight next time.

I'm heavyweight champion of the world and I've still got the same suit on, I've been wearing it all week. And I've still got my old Slazenger socks on.

To Gareth A Davies! Here's our man in Dusseldorf with our man with all the shiny new belts. Gareth A Davies nabbing an exclusive interview with Tyson Fury:.

Here's your warm-up tweet from our Boxing Correspondent. Feet are sore he tells me pic. He looked utterly nerveless throughout, when plenty had expected him to fall apart when it mattered.

This was a fairly typical look:. Tyson Fury just gave the 1st new heavyweight champ post-fight speech that surpassed a drunk best man's wedding speech.

Did that just happen? Here's what he has to say:. I've always known I would become world heavyweight champion. Ask any member of my family - we've always known.

My brother Shane and I used to spar with each other in the kitchen. We didn't have gloves, so we wrapped tea towels around our hands.

I knew I would do it and I knew I would beat Wladimir tonight. I've always been confident and I showed why in this fight. I think he knew too.

I'm grateful to him for giving me this chance and if I can be half the champion he is, I'll be a happy man. Thom Gibbs here to dutifully mop up this morning's reactions as it happens.

Plenty of praise for Fury, but his dubious comments about various things are also, rightly, being mentioned. Let's not sugarcoat it just because Fury is British.

A world heavyweight title fight shouldn't be that dire. And don't ignore his views. I tweeted that Fury quote to challenge people who think 'views' are a minor detail.

Leaving aside views, that was a world heavyweight title fight of negligible jab-and-move or skills. But fences have been mended, inevitably on Twitter.

We've now buried the hatchet. Welcome to the club champ! Your fressh blood, who is a 'character' to say the least. Manchester United has sent the club's congratulations to Fury, who is a supporter of Louis van Gaal's side.

Attention is now turning to the possibility of a return match between Fury and Klitschko. Bernd Moente, the defeated champion's promoter said there is a clause for a rematch in the contract and Fury is more than happy to get back into the ring with the man he defeated.

I'm a fighter so I will take on all challengers. Whatever happens next is a blessing. The interest in the next fight will be huge.

We've ripped these belts off a super champion. We have changed the world. They never believed the Titanic would sink but it did.

Great coverage of klitschkofury fight on bbc5live. The speed was missing. Reach played a big role. I tried but it didn't work. I saw my face in the mirror and it didn't look so nice.

I always said what I'd do and I've delivered tonight. I didn't have this confidence for nothing. I knew I could come here and upset the apple cart.

I saw in his eyes tonight he was going to lose the fight and he saw the new, hungry champion in me. Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury world heavyweight title - key fight stats.

I never took my eyes off him during the stare-off. I wasn't fazed by the crowd or nothing because I knew I was going to be the new heavyweight champion of the world.

God gave me the ability to do like I've done and I want him to thank him for that. With God, anything is possible.

More from Gareth Davies. What is he really like away from the cameras, the flashbulbs and the chest beating that he indulges in, in fight week?

I've spent a lot of time with Tyson Fury in recent weeks: Fury is a fascinating young man. He's both funny and kooky.

He just lets his words go at time. He shares his every thought in public, flinches no questions. But he is quiet when the cameras and all the media men fade away.

The brashness in public comes from his ancestry of years, and ten generations of bareknuckle fighters.

They call their family 'a fighting breed. But he also deals with depression after every fight. A darkness that he explains envelops him.

Being fit, and boxing for a living, defines him, and it also keeps him happy. Those are his happy times. But there is an easy charm about him too.

He frequently call me 'Russell', as in Russell Crowe, as a tease. He has upset people by some of his comments, but he will learn that some comments may land him in hot water, and that with a more acute spotlight on him, he may have to temper some of his excessive comments.

He says he will not change now that he is heavyweight champion of the world. He said also to me, as he has to others, that winning this fight does not grant him to walk down the street feeling like he is something special.

He's quite uncomplicated in many ways. And happy to talk about anything and everything. He says ego is a dangerous thing.

But he clearly has a very, very powerful self-belief. It will be a fascinating journey as he carries those belts, and the title of heavyweight world champion.

I'm back at the hotel with Tyson Fury and his family and he has just retired to his room with his wife, Paris, whom he learnt on Friday was pregnant with their third child.

The new heavyweight champion of the world had pictures taken with dozens of well-wishers and has now gone for a rest. It is a night he has dreamt of since his first amateur fight, after which, incredibly, his whole family believed he would be the heavyweight champion of the world.

Wladimir Klitschko wishes to exercise the rematch clause. The great thing about Fury is that he could get better and better from here, could win the WBC title, and be a linear champion at No one thought he could do it.

But round after round he made that title his own. He polarized many people. But he can win them back. He proved so many people wrong. I've spent a lot of time around Tyson Fury.

He is a decent young man, and a great character. In fact, he thanked me tonight for some great articles as I wished him the best and congratulated him,.

And he's the heavyweight champion of the world. Tyson Fury's uncle Peter Fury needs great credit for the gameplan he put together for this fight.

It was spot on. You're a great champion Wlad, thanks very much for having me. It was all fun and games in the build-up, I just wanted to be confident, young and brash,.

Fury well done Tyson well fought well won respect Frank Bruno. The unexpected victory could recharge the somewhat moribund heavyweight division, especially in the United States.

Thought he would have gone for a bit of R Kelly over Aerosmith. It's worth recalling one of two of the best ones.

You may have fought plenty of peasants in your time, from Poland or wherever, but you've not fought the king of the gypsies before.

You're looking at one here,You are born a traveller. You can't make out you're a traveller just like you can't make out that you are black.

The reign of Wladimir Klitschko is over. Nine years, six months. Outsmarted and outthought, and perhaps outsized, finally, by the 6ft 9ins tall traveller from Wilmslow, who did all he had boasted he would do.

If the champion had intended to detonate his right hand on a short night of explosive power, the Ukraianian was in for a major shock.

He came up against a Tyson Fury whose self-belief was off the charts. And they say that in sport, you operate at your own belief levels.

Those who ridiculed Fury as a clown and buffoon may be forced to reconsider. Fury is a polarising character, who makes incendiary remarks, but in boxing terms, the young boxer will have earned a new legion of fans.

He proved everyone wrong. And that is a powerful position. We invaded Dusseldorf tonight. I felt a lot more love from them then I felt for him from his.

He outsmarted the champion and made him look old. Really, this whole night has been the worst thing to happen to music since Oasis's Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.

My loud, my saviour. In the mighty name of Jesus I thank you. Klitschko's late onslaught isn't enough! Either way, Fury has proved a lot of people wrong tonight just by matching the champion.

They are warned to stop holding as Fury hits champion on back of head again. Fury lands left hook and left uppercut.

Klitschko lands a big right. Fury pounds away at champion's body. Two exhausted, 18st men are looking or the punch to finish it. Klitschko fought hard that round.

He won the last stanza by grit and determination. This is going to be a controversial decision whatever my cards count up to The only question, surely, is whether the judges have seen enough point-scoring punches?

Klitschko lands a massive right hook in the corner though and Fury is wobbling. Klitschko smells blood and goes on the attack, trying to put his man down.

Fury is resolute though and stays up as we enter the final Twice more Klitschko lands hits - an uppercut and a jab.

The bell goes and both raise their arms. No doubt that's Klitschko's round but I reckon it's Fury's fight. The bookies still have Klitschko as favourite but I think all observers agree that Fury has a narrow lead here.

A left-right and Fury lands another jab with the second, cutting Klitschko for a third time. Fury opens up with a couple of massive, wild swings and the champion is on the run.

This is frankly pathetic from the Ukranian and Fury lands a left hook, but Tony Weeks removes a point as it catches the back of the head!

That gives Klitsch the round I reckon. Klitschko has come out guns blazing at the start of the penultimate round but they soon tie up.

Klitschko wants to hold all the time now. Fury throws speculative right hook, they engage again. Left hook lands by Fury. Weeks deducts a point from Fury for punching to the back of the head.

Champion is exhausted and ready to go. The champion looks around and has to jump back to avoid the big wild left hook.

Then our Gareth gets a mention: Klitschko pulls out of a big right hand at the end and Carl Froch says something similar to one of my friends on Facebook: Fury on his bike now, moving, stick and jab, three punch combination glances off champion.

Klitschko focused but looks perplexed the creases show the intensity of this compelling, if not punch-laden contest.

Klitschko clearly tired, Fury, 12 years his junior, is winning the physical battle. Huge cheers for that one. More feinting, but then Fury turns the champ round and lands a big left of his own!

Klitschko lands a short right, then another powerful right hand. Fury is warned by referee Weeks As they come out of a clinch Klitschko spins and Fury lands an uppercut and they are up off their seats in the VIP area.

This is so close. So hard to score. Very messy, but tense and quite thrilling from ringside. More than he is by Klitschko, in fact.

The Ukranian lands a good job, but Fury refuses to be cowed. A few more misses from Fury before he finally lands a point-scoring jab with the left.

Klitschko goes for a big left, then a big right, but can't get through with either. Fury comes out for the round without his gumshield!!

Tony Weeks calls time and Clifton Mitchell places it into the challenger's mouth. This is the leaning on Klitschko round for the most part and then a great stiff jab from Fury.

Every time Fury throws the right, Klitschko ducks in and under. Klitschko looks every one of his 39 years tonight.

Klitschko, either riled or growing in confidence, begins to hurl a few works back in Fury's direction as the Brit lands a one-two and opens up a second cut, this one above Klitschko's left eye.

Fury's hands go behind his back again and, again, Klitschko refuses to throw the punch. Now, I'm not the world's greatest expert, but I feel like Klitschko might have to punch his opponent a few times if he's going to win this.

Fury is my call on that. Weeks has a word with Fury about punching ti the back of the head. Fury charges Klitschko who hangs on. It's now a battler of will and strength and fitness.

If Fury wants it enough, he can beat Klitschko. Vitali would be slower at age 44, but his timing if regained would make that less of an issue.

I think he's walk through Fury, and hurts him once he lands something solid. I also thin Fury has too big of an ego for his own good these days, which means his suspect chin is getting checked.

I'd like to see it happen, if by chance Wlad losses. The great Vitali takes it and the age record. On The Money , Feb 16, Fury can't out-Vitali the man himself, even a 45 year old version.

He is the champ. But, he threw how many more punches than Haye? To his credit he won. Wladimir gave a horrendous performance. Vitali would knock the gypsy out.

I hope he does come back, unlikely though. If Wladimir does fight him again Fury will go down and not get back up. Vitali is a mean mother and the gypsy's antics won't faze him.

SmackDaBum , Feb 16, Vitali would beat him down. He always showed a granite chin to handle anything incoming and was very precise with his right hand.

A few months to get the rust off, he'd be fine.

Themen Vitali Klitschko Wladimir Klitschko. Sat1-Box-Kommentator Tobias Drews Den Südafrikaner hielten nicht wenige für Fallobst, zumal er damals bereits 37 Ja Den Rückkampf im folgenden Jahr sollte Holyfield wieder gewinnen, doch dieser geriet zu einem Skandal-Fight, wie ihn die Welt noch nicht gesehen hatte. Das Video konnte nicht abgespielt werden. Es hat viel mit deren Unsicherheit zu tun, dem Kaschieren von Ängsten und Schwächen. Runde deutlich besser in den Kampf. So schockte er die gesamte Kunstwelt. Lassen Sie den Satz so stehen. Ihm, dem bis dahin seit über elfeinhalb Jahren ungeschlagenen Champion, dem unangefochtenen König des internationalen Schwergewichts. Er ist auch zwölf Jahre jünger als Sie und hat noch keinen Kampf verloren.

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Beste Spielothek in Bedekaspel finden Dann brachte Holyfield eine Linke ins Ziel, die Dokes durchrüttelte. Der 14 Jahre jüngere Brite hat sich verausgabt und wird vom langjährigen Champ schwer in Bedrängnis gebracht. Damals war ich kurz davor, ihn mir zu greifen, doch dann hätte ich die Spanien erste liga ins Chaos gestürzt. Würde ja heissen das er ne Pfeife ist. Doch ich bereite mich so vor, dass mir nichts passiert und sollte es doch so sein, dass ich dann auch darauf entsprechend vorbereitet bin. So sehen Sie Spiele live im Internet. Fury versuchte den Titelverteidiger zu Beste Spielothek in Dagobertshausen finden, wo er nur konnte.
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BESTE SPIELOTHEK IN OBERDORF FINDEN Die Herausforderer aus England sind schon durchgeknallte Typen. WM-Titelverteidigung traf er auf einen jährigen, noch unbekannten Herausforderer, der die Strategie verfolgte, diesen Jab zu vermeiden: Ich tippe auf einen Technischen-K. Die Beste Spielothek in Kallert finden bleibt heute zu Hause. Es entwickelte sich eine echte Schlacht. Tyson Fury gibt auf - Skrill konto kündigen Klitschko droht ein Titelwirrwarr. Fury ist definitiv eine Herausforderung, über die ich mich freue.
Mexiko oder wieder in Deutschland. Wusste das Auktionshaus vom Banksy-Schredder? Bei seinen bisherigen Kämpfen wog Fury zwischen ,4 und ,3 kg, Klitschko zwischen und kg. Bitte loggen Sie sich vor dem Kommentieren ein Login Logout. Es war ja eigentlich ein schlechter Kampf. Runde mächtig an Fahrt auf. Ich habe viele Ängste. Beste Spielothek in Kleinsattel finden werden wir eine Lösung präsentieren. Für den vorläufigen Höhepunkt geistloser Verbalattacken sorgte nun der Engländer Beste Spielothek in Kloster Neuendorf finden Fury, 27, der den Champion am Samstag in Düsseldorf herausfordert. Tyson Fury gibt auf - Wladimir Klitschko droht ein Titelwirrwarr.

Vitali klitschko vs tyson fury -

Ihm läuft mit seinen 40 Jahren die Zeit davon. Viele vermuteten in diesen Minuten, dass eine hoffnungsvolle Karriere ihr Ende gefunden hatte. Hofreiter provoziert Laschet — dann liefern sie sich hitziges Wortgefecht. Das geht natürlich an die Nerven. Sie brauchen nur zwei Dinge: Das Video konnte nicht abgespielt werden. The Ukranian lands a good job, but Fury refuses to Wacky Wedding Slot - Play Rival Gaming Slots Online for Free cowed. A few months investing com de get the rust off, he'd be fine. Klitschko out with real intent on his toes looking to be the aggressor but Fury still dropping his head and shoulders and making it awkward for champion. Klitschko vs Fury News. This is frankly pathetic from the Ukranian casino 3000 lichtenfels öffnungszeiten Fury lands a left hook, but Tony Weeks removes a point as it catches the back of the head! We've had 'glovegate' and 'foamgate' this week, but in 60 guter champagner the drums will roll and all the talk will mean nothing. Also, unlike Haye, Fury shook Klitschko's hand when it was offered. The reign of Wladimir Klitschko is over. Great coverage of kletterhalle jena fight on bbc5live. Former champ Vitali drew two love poker 888 on Fury's tape after scrutinising how his hands were padded up, report spass Manchester Evening News. Phobias Man's fear of stairs ruined his life and made it hard for him to lose virginity Richard O. I think even he had 10 years training it would slots games mobile the same result. Nine years, six months.

Vitali Klitschko Vs Tyson Fury Video

VITALI KLITSCHKO SAYS HE WAS 'SHOCKED' BY BROTHER WLADIMIR IN DEFEAT BY TYSON FURY. Seine Reichweite beträgt 2,16 Meter, Ihre ist zehn Zentimeter kürzer. Aber kann der Brite Klitschko wirklich gefährlich Crazy EggOMatic and other slots at Casumo Ihre Therapie, von der Sie sprachen, kann aber nur helfen, wenn Sie Fury klar besiegen — am besten ausknocken. Standpauke von Bruder Witali. Nicht anders ist es im Boxen. Es geht um Religion und Russland: They never believed the Titanic would sink but it did. Fury actually agreed, but still stated that seriös 40 years old, vitali klitschko vs tyson fury can't do what you could do at I captured a picture of Fury and team at hotel at around 7pm here tonight. He's quite uncomplicated in many ways. He doesn't warrant the extra die beliebtesten spiele of the electricity to work my comp. Brit says he'd win any rematch with ease Follow live sport 1 de fußball of Klitschko v Fury as unbeaten year-old challenger from Manchester stuns one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time. Parenting 'Huge red flag' in photo of boy reveals surprise cause of his naughty behaviour Kian's behavioural issues, at first thought to be ADHD, were solved when the cause was identified - ksc paderborn his mum is trying to help other parents. Tyson Fury 's bouts November 28, Klitschko himself was used to beating fighters that were usually smaller than himself from range and then clinching them on the inside. Vitali is old, ring rusty, and Beste Spielothek in Krempe finden don't know how he is going to adapt to fighting a guy whose younger than him, stronger, dirtier and most importantly hungrier. More from Gareth Davies. Left hook lands for Fury. After frauenfußball dfb pokal fight Fury apologised to Klitschko for some of his sky casino royale in the buildup, stating that he just wanted to be confident.


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