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Aug. Laut dem "kicker" soll die Zukunft von Sebastian Rudy bis Montag geklärt sein. Ein Verbleib bei Bayern München gilt als ausgeschlossen. Gutes Spiel, verdienter Sieg. Ich bin für heute mehr als zufrieden Spieler des Spiels: #Bentaleb. Wieder mal Kopf des Spiels, mega stark. Etwas schwächer. Nabil Bentaleb - FC Schalke 04 - Bundesliga: alle Spielerdaten, Statistiken und News der Saison /

The growth of social media has also enabled sharing of opinions, experiences, and marketing related to hookah via user-generated content.

To evaluate the portrayal and promotion of hookah on Instagram and to highlight public health challenges created by this content.

A qualitative content analysis was performed on a sample of Instagram posts made with the hashtags hookah or shisha in October Of the coded posts, were relevant to hookah.

Posters were most commonly from Russia A total of Only one post 0. Images from Instagram may help in understanding health behaviors such as hookah smoking.

Our results suggest that domestic and international hookah promotion is common on Instagram. Instagram posts cast hookah in an overwhelmingly positive light and may normalize hookah use through associations with nightlife, community, and hookah identity.

Policy makers and researchers should explore approaches for reducing the volume of promotional posts and tailoring counter-marketing to the specific themes presented on social media.

Determinants of progression of nicotine dependence symptoms in adolescent waterpipe smokers. Introduction Waterpipe smoking continues to pose significant challenges to tobacco control efforts and many adolescent waterpipe smokers experience symptoms of nicotine dependence ND.

This study examined the predictors of progression of ND symptoms in adolescent waterpipe smokers. Methods We assembled a cohort of Lebanese adolescents enrolled in eighth and ninth grades at baseline, and surveyed them every 6 months over the next 24 months.

Progression of ND symptoms was defined as an increase over time in the number of items endorsed on the Hooked on Nicotine Checklist.

Predictors of progression were higher baseline stress OR 1. Reporting difficulty refraining from smoking waterpipe while in a restaurant was the strongest predictor of progression OR 4.

Conclusions A significant proportion of adolescent waterpipe smokers progressed on ND. Correlates of poly-tobacco use among youth and young adults: Findings from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health study, — Poly-tobacco use is common among youth and young adults.

This study examined sociodemographic, tobacco-related, and substance use characteristics of poly-tobacco use compared to mono-tobacco use among youth and young adults years in the United States.

We conducted a descriptive analysis by age-group of youth years , younger young adults years , and older young adults years from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health study.

Multiple logistic regression modeling was conducted to assess the sociodemographic, tobacco-related, and substance use associations with current past 30 days tobacco use on a binary scale poly- versus mono-tobacco use among tobacco users.

Between and , 3. In the regression analyses, among youth tobacco users, heavy drinking was the only factor associated with higher odds of poly-tobacco use.

Residing in the South, older ages of exposure to tobacco use, and marijuana use were associated with higher odds of poly-tobacco use among older young adults.

Regardless of tobacco product type, poly-tobacco use was common among youth and young adults. Interventions designed to address factors associated with poly-tobacco use among youth and young adults are warranted.

World Vapor Expo E-cigarette marketing exposure and combustible tobacco use among adolescents in the United States.

E-cigarette advertising has been shown to be associated with use of e-cigarettes, but its association with tobacco use has not been studied.

Therefore, we examined the association between e-cigarettes advertisement and tobacco use. Data from nationally representative 22, middle and high school students grades were used to conduct the analysis.

Logistic regression models estimated the adjusted odds ratios AOR of ever and current use of cigarette, hookah, cigar, and polytobacco use.

E-cigarette marketing exposure was significantly associated with ever use of cigarettes AOR: Likewise, E-cigarette marketing exposure was significantly associated with current use of cigarettes AOR: The results suggest that e-cigarette advertisement is associated with use of cigarettes, hookah, cigars, and polytobacco products.

These results add to the evidence about the risks of e-cigarette marketing and highlight the need for stricter regulation of e-cigarette advertisements.

Does education modify the effect of ethnicity in the expression of ideal cardiovascular health? Despite the progress made to decrease risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, disparities still exist.

We examined how education and ethnicity interact to determine disparities in cardiovascular health CVH as defined by the American Heart Association.

Education modifies the effect of ethnicity on CVH. Individual CVH metrics smoking, physical activity, body mass index, diet, total cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose were defined as ideal, intermediate, or poor.

Combined scores were categorized as inadequate, average, or optimal CVH. Education was categorized as postgraduate, college, some college, and high school or less; ethnicity was categorized as white, Hispanic, black, and other.

Main and interactive associations between education, ethnicity, and the measures of CVH were calculated with multinomial logistic regression.

Over half were Hispanic, and two-thirds had at least a college education. With postgraduate education category as the reference, participants with less than a college education were less likely to achieve ideal status for most of the individual CVH metrics, and also less likely to achieve 6 to 7 ideal metrics, and optimal CVH scores.

In most of the educational categories, Hispanic participants had the highest proportion with optimal CVH scores and 6 to 7 ideal metrics, whereas black participants had the lowest proportion.

However, there were no statistically significant interactions of education and ethnicity for ideal CVH measures. Interventions to improve CVH should be tailored to meet the needs of target communities.

Waterpipe smoking patterns and symptoms of nicotine dependence: The waterpipe dependence among Lebanese Youth study.

Waterpipe typically is smoked intermittently over long smoking sessions. Waterpipe is addictive and its users show symptoms of nicotine dependence ND.

This study examined the risk of developing ND symptoms across waterpipe use patterns among Lebanese youth.

Waterpipe use patterns length of smoking session, smoking a whole waterpipe without sharing, pastday use frequency, number of waterpipes smoked were assessed.

Both the proportion of participants endorsing ND symptoms and the average number of endorsed ND symptoms increased with increasing waterpipe use frequency, number of waterpipes smoked, and length of smoking session.

Increasing use frequency, number of waterpipes smoked, and longer smoking sessions were associated with higher risk of ND. The length of smoking session emerged as a novel indicator of ND among waterpipe smokers.

Perception, intention and attempts to quit smoking among Jordanian adolescents from the Irbid Longitudinal Study. To describe important tobacco cessation indicators among adolescent smokers from Irbid, Jordan.

Participants for this study were selected from the Irbid Longitudinal Study of Smoking Behaviour Among the study participants, Most of the students in this cohort wanted and tried to quit smoking.

They believed it was easy to quit smoking whenever they wanted. Health concerns in boys and girls, and family opposition to smoking among girls were barriers to continued smoking.

Correlates of nicotine dependence among adolescent waterpipe smokers. Waterpipe smoking is addictive and its use is increasing globally among youth, yet little is known about the factors associated with nicotine dependence ND among waterpipe smokers.

We investigated the factors associated with ND symptoms among a sample of Lebanese adolescents who smoke a waterpipe. We collected data on factors potentially associated with ND individual, socio-demographic, environmental, smoking patterns among current past 30days waterpipe smokers recruited from 8th and 9th school grades in Lebanon.

Smoking a whole waterpipe head without sharing and being in 9th grade in this study were associated with the presence and endorsement of a higher number of ND symptoms.

We identified specific social and psychological characteristics, waterpipe smoking patterns, and beliefs about harmful effects of smoking associated with the presence of ND among adolescent waterpipe smokers.

Considering these factors when planning policies to prevent ND among waterpipe smokers is warranted. In high-income countries, quitting cigarette smoking is associated with weight gain, which can reduce motivation to abstain.

Whether smoking cessation is associated with weight gain in a low-income country context has never been investigated. We aimed to determine the post-cessation changes in body mass index BMI and its predictors among smokers who received a smoking cessation intervention in a low-income country setting.

We performed post hoc analyses of data from smokers who participated in a two-group, parallel-arm, double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized trial of combined nicotine replacement therapy NRT and behavioral counseling in primary care clinics in Aleppo, Syria.

We used generalized estimating equation GEE modeling to identify predictors of changes in BMI at 6 weeks and 6- and month follow-ups after quit date.

The mean pre-cessation BMI of the sample was Over 12 months of follow-up, BMI of smoking abstainers averaged 1. Similar to findings from high-income countries, smoking cessation in Syria is associated with weight gain, particularly among women and those who have weight concerns prior to quitting.

This group of smokers may benefit from tailored cessation interventions with integrated body weight management elements that take into consideration the prevailing local and cultural influences on diet and levels of physical activity.

Eurobarometer survey and e-cigarettes: Question - Reason for a multilevel logistic regression model with significant ORs in the unadjusted analysis have ALL ORs not significant in the adjusted model?

I notice from looking at your output that most of you variables are categorical some with more than 3 levels.

Based on the Babyak article attached by Dr. Therefore, I advise you to combined some of the categories per variable if theoretically feasible and try to rerun the model.

Also make sure you select a reference category I did not see a ref category for your variables in your output.

Gender in Children's Firearm Deaths: Using the Data to Guide Interventions. Presaging the recent Presidential action on closing gun sale loopholes, the recent article by Grinshteyn and Hemenway[1] provides compelling evidence of the continuing staggering disparity in rates of firearms-related deaths between the US and other high-income developed countries.

Among all the carefully compiled data presented by the authors, we choose here to highlight unintentional deaths.

Total unintentional firearms deaths in the US were 6. When looking at the ratio by age groups, unintentional firearm deaths among children years old in the US were Prior work has estimated that US children die annually from unintentional firearms injuries; and hospitalization for firearm injury has been estimated to be more than 10 times that figure.

Moreover, looking closely at the firearms deaths in the US, it is noteworthy that for the year age group, there are considerably more deaths among boys than girls ratio around 4: The findings merit some pause, as they speak strongly to the transmission of a hypermasculinized culture of firearm use from adult to child, putting boys especially at higher risk of gun play and thus accidental deaths and injury due to firearms Consensus statement on assessment of waterpipe smoking in epidemiological studies.

Numerous epidemiological accounts suggest that waterpipe smoking aka hookah, shisha, narghile has become a global phenomenon, especially among youth.

The alarming spread of waterpipe and accumulating evidence of its addictive and harmful effects represent a new threat in the global fight to limit tobacco-related morbidity and mortality.

In response to waterpipe's alarming trends, major public health and tobacco control organisations have started or are considering systematic collection of data about waterpipe smoking to monitor its trends and assess its harmful effects in different societies.

Such plans require coordination and agreement on epidemiological measurement tools that reflect the uniqueness of this tobacco use method, and at the same time allow comparison of waterpipe trends across time and place, and with other tobacco use methods.

We started a decade ago our work to develop standardised measures and definitions for the assessment of waterpipe smoking in epidemiological studies.

In this communication, we try to expand and update these assessment tools in light of our increased knowledge and understanding of waterpipe use patterns, its context and marketing, as well as the need for evidence-guided policies and regulations to curb its spread.

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Numerous google de spiele accounts suggest that waterpipe smoking aka hookah, shisha, narghile has become a global phenomenon, especially among youth. To describe important tobacco cessation indicators among adolescent smokers from Irbid, Jordan. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. I never heard of such an association, not even with cigarettes smoking. Jul - Aug Här visas inte längre personens Löneranking när man köper en rapport. Thanks Halboob for your elaboration. Question - Reason for a multilevel Beste Spielothek in Winkeldorf finden regression model with significant ORs in the Jackpot Casino Review – The Expert Ratings and User Reviews analysis have ALL ORs not significant in the adjusted model? Retrieved 6 October Waterpipe smoking is becoming the most popular tobacco use method among youth in the Middle East, and is quickly gaining Beste Spielothek in Lohrbach finden elsewhere. Those smokers may benefit from tailored cessation interventions with integrated body weight management elements such as physical activities and diet regimens. This study examined the predictors Gainful games with Euro Palace loyalty Rewards | Euro Palace Casino Blog progression of ND symptoms in adolescent waterpipe smokers.

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